What is Australian Cypress? Botanically Australian Cypress is a softwood. However, compared to most softwoods, it is a hard timber, having good impact resistance and a fine, elegant and very even texture.

With colours ranging from a soft white to golden honey colour, Australian Cypress will add value and prestige to any building. Australian Cypress grows naturally on the inland slopes and plains, from central Queensland through New South Wales.

The list of Natural Advantages of this Australian Native Cypress is comprehensive and includes:

  • Durability - Australian Cypress is rated as Durability Class 1 making it resistant to decay
  • Termite Resistance - Australian Cypress is one of the few timbers that is naturally resistant to termite attack. This means it does not need to be treated with toxic chemicals.
  • Minimal Shrinkage - Natural shrinkage of Australian Cypress is very low, which means that bearers and joists will continue to provide very stable underpinnings for your new home.
  • Unique Figure - Australian Cypress flooring boards have a unique figure which is distinctly different from other species of timber.

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